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Mission IT

Mission IT is a unique IT initiative from the Government of Kerala. Kerala is one of the few states in India to have a stand-alone IT department with varied objectives. It conceives and implements programmes that make the state an investor destination in the field of Information Technology. Many corporate bodies extend their help and technical support to the working of the department.

The department does more to promote IT sector in the state with the Ministry.

Together they offer the following:

  • No state level clearances are required to set up IT projects
  • The Government offers total venture support to investors- Financial Benefits, Venture Capital
  • Funds for financial assistance to new IT and high-tech ventures, outright grant of 20% ofFixed Capital Investment subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2.5 million per project
  • Exemption from tax for the first 7 years
  • Grant of 50% of the cost of project feasibility studies for medium and large-scale industries
  • Duty-free imports and income tax exemption for EOUs
  • Exemption from stamp duty/registration charge for purchase and sale of land/built-up space
  • Priority in sanction and servicing of power
  • Exemption from the purview of the Pollution Control Act

The kind of development envisioned along with the drive to computerize all sections of activity in the state has opened a promising domestic market for IT products.

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